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Packing a Moose back across the river. The horses are all ours, and are very
gentle to ride, and easy to work with.

Glen Smith of Medina, Ohio took this Stone Sheep on August 3rd, 1997
The ram measured 415/8" x 15" bases.  It was the third day of his hunt.

In September of 1995, Stan Rufener of Mt. Hamilton, California took this bull moose
near timberline with his single-shot .375 H&H.

Jamie Schumacher (outfitter) With a 53" moose taken in mid October of 1999

In Mid-September of 1997, Dave Hussey from Phoenix
successfully hunted this fine caribou.
He also took a Stone Sheep and a Moose on the same trip.

In late august 1999, Jerry Baker of Mason, Texas
harvested this 50" moose with stripedvelvet antlers!
 He also took a stone sheep and a caribou.

This happy group posed at Line Lake  with their trophies
in September, 1997

A 1997 spring Black bear taken at the end of May.

This 8' Mountain Grizzly was taken by Ron Landree of Pinole, California
in 1996. This is typical color for fall bears. We also take spring hunters
with very high success.

In 1998 Russ Brice of Santa Ana, California harvested this
Bull Caribou. Russ also took a Stone Sheep that year.

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