Canadian Moose
Animal facts:
Shoulder height: 74 inches
Mass: 1400 lbs.
Lifespan: 13 years
Diet: aquatic & open forest vegetation, browse
Range: Canada, except YK & NWT
Call: cough - grunt
B & C Record: 242
(All information is given in averages, heights and weights
are based on those of mature, adult males.)

General interest: Eyesight is poor but has a keen sense of smell.
They do not seem to see stationary objects as a danger.

Our moose average 52-54" antler spread. We have a hunter success rate of 90% on 50" or better.
Minimal B & C score is 195 and we have been consistent in taking 4 to 5 B & C moose each season.
To be able to do this, we limit the number of moose hunters that we take per season.
This insures that our hunters have an excellent opportunity to harvest a trophy Canadian moose.

Canadian moose season runs from August 15th to November 15th.
See Price list for pricing and hunt options.